Alexander Hall at Princeton Theological Seminary. My dorm room was on the first floor, the second window (I think I recall) from the left. I flew a rainbow flag there once which I don’t think helped my career at the institution.

Hello, Folks! It’s been a while. For some reason I decided to expand the Carl LaMonde at Princeton page to talk about my brief but significant time at Princeton Theological Seminary.

As always, there is much more that can be said, but I began to tell the story of my time there, which I have the crazy idea of fictionalizing someday as a romance novel about the love of two seminarians for each other against the backdrop of a turbulent and exciting time in the church and in society, the early nineties.

It was a turbulent and exciting time. Although brief, it made its mark on me in ways I cannot understand, but hope to as I pursue this grueling project of examining who I was in light of who I think I have become. Wish me luck!

Thanks again for going on this journey with me. Feel free to contact me through Facebook, follow me on Twitter @joncarllewis, or email me at May God richly bless you as we explore this journey called life.

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