Hello! I’ve made a significant number of updates to my website over the past week! Most significantly, I retired my old statement of identity and replaced it with “Jon Carl Lewis: a Queer, Black, Intellectual, Christian contemplative with a compulsion to create stories and write.” This better reflects where I am now in life as well as some of the work I’m doing, both in the world and on myself.

For one thing, I added the section Me, Now with two subsections: My Identity and My Personality & Esoterica. My Identity discusses how I see myself, the categories by which I might define myself. My Personality & Esoterica presents information about me as seen through the lenses of various esoteric instruments (like my astrological chart) and personality-sorting schemes (like the Myers-Briggs (MBTI) assessment or the Enneagram).

I also started to expand the section on my Family History, creating space where I can tell the story of my immediate family as well as space to tell the stories of my ancestors.

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