Faith seeking understanding, my personal journey towards a deeper knowledge of and intimacy with God, the cosmos, humanity and myself through thoughts, words and (occasionally) images, is a series of [hopefully] daily reflections I’m writing with the purpose of publishing something on a regular basis for others to read, either here, at or among my writings at

I find it ironic that I feel moved to interrupt my meditation on loneliness to recover from many hours of being with other people! It’s holiday party season, and I can’t believe how full my social schedule is this month. On one level I dread this season, with all of its energetic demands (I am an introvert; I expend energy when I am with other people.) Yet, on another level, getting out of my space and hearing the stories of others as I share my own is a good and necessary thing for my writing. Writers are schizophrenic that way (apologies for the layperson’s use of the term “schizophrenic”).

Sure, one can feel lonely in a crowd (and, sometimes, I did) but I was surrounded by people whom I care about and who care about me. This is good for me once in a while. And I was with my husband for most of it, so I felt safe. But it was draining. Two parties, two choir practices and a Eucharist in two days. My mind is running on empty. I simply don’t have the energy to pull off an intense, hour-long sprint like I did yesterday.

Yesterday was golden. I wrote like a demon for an hour straight. I raised some important topics, but left my thoughts unfinished. Nevertheless, I will return to them—after letting my experiences percolate for a while. I’ll be back tomorrow, after I sort things out.

And after a good night’s sleep.

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