Faith seeking understanding, my personal journey towards a deeper knowledge of and intimacy with God, the cosmos, humanity and myself through thoughts, words and (occasionally) images, is a series of [hopefully] daily reflections I’m writing with the purpose of publishing something on a regular basis for others to read, either here, at or among my writings at

Photo by Max Kukurudziak on Unsplash.

The cats aren’t helping me write tonight. This upsets me. When I don’t need them to help me write, they’re all over me and my keyboard. Inquisitive and demanding, they insist on knowing what I am doing, why I am doing it and when I am going to stop so they may receive the focus of my attention instead.

But, tonight, the cats don’t seem interested. For a while they visited the other daddy. They thoroughly investigated what he was up to. Then, bored by humans’ silly pursuits, they gave up trying to understand and just plopped down on top of him.

But they see no need to inspire me tonight, just when I need them.

They are lying there at a very safe distance, looking smug and satisfied and relaxed.

I am resentful of their contented purring and eyelids half-closed. They taunt me with their feline nonchalance.

They taunt me, asking why I labor when it is clearly time for the members of the tribe to close their eyes and purr. Or, like the other daddy, to snore.

Well, I will show them! I don’t have to put up with this indignity.

If the cats won’t help me work tonight, then I have no recourse but to go on strike.

[Do you think they’ll notice?]

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