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Someone wrote today what I wished I had written tonight. I will allow myself to pout a little. The author is a little farther ahead of me on solving a problem we both have—and has adopted the same method to overcome it. But he thought to make it into today’s reflection for him and I didn’t.

I was just about to write that I’m not usually given to envy, but that’s a lie. I’m terribly competitive when it comes to writing and ideas. This is a bad thing. It’s also a good thing. This competitiveness is a bad thing to the extent that when another author “wins” by writing well on a subject I wanted to write about, it can shut down my voice (or my willingness to write on that topic). Yet it’s also a good thing because reading something I “should” have written lets me know my ideas a valuable enough to bring to light.

I’d like to talk more about envy and the writing life: I’ve just been reading about the friendships and the competitions of Gore Vidal, Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote and their many literary contemporaries and heroes, and I’ve found it intriguing. Perhaps what I envy most is the fact that there was a group of writers, all of whom knew each other, who were able to spur each other on to writing the best works that they could produce. I don’t know if that is something I need, but it is definitely something I want.

I want someone to envy.

So maybe I should be acknowledging and thanking the author of that article instead of pouting about it.



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