Photo by Eric Rothermel on Unsplash

Inspired by the #100DayProject and missing the regular discipline I had while writing my “Faith seeking understanding” series, I have decided to create 100 reflections on 100 consecutive days on whatever subject strikes me as interesting to write about. Like my previous series, “Faith seeking understanding,” I will probably explore themes of identity and faith, as well as creativity and vocation.

The #100DayProject (which I encourage you to check out at is an online art project that encourages artists to commit to creating one piece of art a day and posting the results on Instagram with the hashtag #100DayProject. Some year, I’d like to produce 100 sketches, probably of the male figure, but since I want to focus on writing reflections of at least 100 words I won’t be posting on Instagram and so I won’t be formally be taking part in the project.

Nevertheless, I intend to mimic the project’s start date of 02 April 2019 which will take me to an end date of 10 July 2019 (if I’ve calculated correctly). The organizers suggest that if an artist misses a day, that they just keep going until they have created 100 works—but I’m going to ignore that advice; writing every day seems to be the best way for me to produce anything consistently. That said, if I do miss a day, I intend to pick up where I left off and keep going until I reach at least a hundred.

However, I’m going to need your help to keep me honest. I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know which reflections you like, or resonate with, or have caused you to go deeper in your experience of your own life, humanity, the cosmos or God. Your comments are valuable to me and I hope they will help me shape the direction of my flow of ideas. I hope that these reflections will serve as an invitation to dialogue, and so I commit to continuing the conversation with you in the comments, or in subsequent reflections.

I thank you for your attention. Wish me luck on this journey; it would give me great pleasure to continue to have you as a companion on the way.

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