My Editor, My Critic, My Support

I am blessed to have an editor and critic with a keen eye and sharp claws but a fuzzy, affectionate manner about him. Here, he is helping me work on the plot of my current novel project. He has not yet told me what he thinks of it, but I’m sure he will.

A Spirituality in Motion

I have a spirituality that flourishes in the context of motion. Not only does my body love tai chi, my soul does too, as evidenced by the feeling I have that my ego manages to take a backset while I am learning something totally new, something about which I am totally ignorant.

New inspiration to write from

After a long period of not posting to my blog or, I was inspired to write again by stumbling across a website called 200 Words a Day. I actually would have preferred stumbling across a website called “50 Words a Day,” but I’ll take inspiration where I find it.