The Magnificat, Digitally Illumined

Today, I spent an inordinate chunk of time roughing out my digital illumination of the Magnificat. The version above isn’t the final version, but it gives the idea. Next, I will play with the text to make it look a little less stiff. Good work! Thanks be to God!

Updates at (23 Dec 2017)

Hello, Folks! It’s been a while. For some reason I decided to expand the Carl LaMonde at Princeton page to talk about my brief but significant time at Princeton Theological Seminary.

Updates at! (06 July 2016)

Hello, good people! As promised, I have posted a page of selected memories of my wedding to Stephen A. Slusher. The page is full of links, and I encourage you to get to know the wealth of talent and creativity we have in our community and what rich connections we have amongst each other.