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Non-fiction books, essays, articles and authors which I don’t recommend (or recommend with reservations).

This list is alphabetical by author/publication date/title.

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Preston, Sprinkle. Although considered an LGBT activist by some, more extreme Christian traditionalists, Sprinkle advocates inclusion and acceptance only for celibate lesbian and gay people. Bisexuals, of course are encouraged to marry someone of the opposite sex–or stay celibate. Sprinkle presents his writings as being pro-LGBTQ primarily to lure readers into a space where he presents his arguments that LGBTQ people are not fully part of God’s divine plan. Added 08 May 2019.

  • 2015. People to Be Loved: Why Homosexuality Is Not Just an Issue.
  • 2015. Living in a Gray World: A Christian Teen’s Guide to Understanding Homosexuality. This one is especially dangerous because it is aimed at teens who want to be decent people to their LGBTQ friends and family. Ultimately, the message is, however, that God loves, saves and forgives LGBTQ people but same-sex sexual relations are still a grievous sin and error.

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