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On Christ as the whole of the Gospel

To look at Jesus—especially on the Cross (1 John 4:8)—is to behold the clearest depiction of the God who is self-giving, radically forgiving, co-suffering love. I’ve come to believe that Jesus alone is perfect theology.

Brad Jersak, A More Christlike God.

On Diversity

We must find peace and harmony in our human manyness, not in the ideal of unity.

Jonas Ellison in “Finding Unity in our Manyness,” published 04 Nov 2019 on Medium.com.

On the Body and Incarnation

Everything that happens to us happens to our bodies. Every act of love, every insult, every  moment of pleasure, every interaction with other humans. Every hateful thing we have said or which has been said to us has happened to our bodies. Every kindness, every sorrow. Every ounce of laughter. We carry all of it with us within our skin. We are walking embodiments of our entire story.

Nadia Bolz-Weber, Shameless: a sexual reformation, p. 152.

On Sexuality

Spirituality and sexuality are intricately connected, infinitely complex, and both are gifts from God.

—Dr. Westina Matthews

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