I used to consider myself a “gay white man of color,”* but I see myself slightly differently now. At the moment I consider myself a Queer/Gay, Black, Intellectual, Christian contemplative who creates stories and writes compulsively as a way of understanding the cosmos, God, and myself.

I’ll unpack what that means in subsequent musings and posts, but in a nutshell, you can begin to understand me by reading the descriptions, below.

Queer/Gay. I am a cisgender man who finds himself attracted aesthetically, romantically and erotically to other (usually cisgender) men. I consider myself queer because I feel a kinship not only with cisgender gay men, but lesbians, transgender persons, bisexuals, gender-fluid people… i.e. the whole matrix. Nevertheless, my own pronouns remain firmly “he/him/his.”

Black. As you can probably tell from the amount of time this tag has been without a description, I am less sure but increasingly aware of my identity as a person of African descent whose lineage has been filtered through the American story.

Intellectual. I love ideas, and if I could be something other than a writer, I think I might enjoy being a professor in a small college or seminary.

Christian contemplative. I am a sacrament-loving member of the body of Christ who is open to mystical experience.

Writer/Storycrafter. I’m not so sure that this is so much an identity as what I am compelled to do. I am a writer because I write, mostly in my almost-daily journal. I am a storycrafter because I fashion stories of the unwieldy, novel-length variety. To read some of what I am currently writing, please check out News & Updates and My Writings.

* I had good reasons for identifying as a “gay white man of color” in the late eighties, but those reasons no longer exist in this day and age. Or do they?

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