If Winter Comes: Introducing Luke

If Winter Comes tells the story of LUKE, a young, gay, black man recently diagnosed with HIV in the 1990s who drives to Vermont to see for one last time his college lover, CHAD, now a committed, fundamentalist Christian with a wife and child.

LUKE is a 28-year old, gay, black man recently diagnosed with HIV. Other Characters.

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Luke’s Aspirations & Goals

Luke’s Life Goals

Luke has always aspired to be a writer, even when he was a reluctant pre-med on his way to becoming a doctor.

Luke’s Story Goals

At the outset, Luke’s major story goal is to see CHAD one last time before he dies, to give him an urn, and ask him to scatter his ashes on Lake Carnegie. His unconscious goal is to feel once more something of the truest and deepest love he has ever felt.

Luke’s Deep Longing

Luke’s deep longing is for a friend. He has dived into a world where he has lots of sex and romance… and even love, but what he longs for is the type of friendship he had with Chad for so many years. And what would he do with that friend? Express himself. Express himself fully and completely without shame and without reserve. He hasn’t found anyone with whom he can do that. Deep in his heart, perhaps even unknown to himself, he hopes that that person can be Chad (I’m thinking of the lyrics to Schubert’s “An den Mond” esp. the D 259 version).

Luke’s Identity

LUKE identifies most strongly as gay, then black, then Christian. He is cis-gender and his pronouns are his/he/him.

Luke’s Astrology

Luke is a Libra with Scorpio Rising and a libra moon. he has that interesting stellium of Neptune, Venus and Mars on his ascendant and the close Uranus-Pluto conjunction at the top of his chart in Virgo.

Luke’s Enneagram

Luke is a sexual 4w3.

Core: 4 ()

Wing: 3 ()


Luke’s Appearance

My fantasy casting for Luke is performer/model/masseur Devin Masters. Images here.

Luke is a handsome, black man who looks younger than his 28 years. He is medium height (5’8″) and a nicely but not overly muscled 130 lbs. He tends to wear a small gold hoop in his right ear. His hair is cut short and stylishly, he has a cute mustache and a chin strap.

Luke’s Relationships

Luke as perpetually-single man

Luke considers himself unlucky at love. The longest he has been able to maintain a relationship is three months.

Luke as son

Luke is somewhat estranged from his mother who is still alive and his father who has died recently.

Luke’s Lifestyle

Luke’s Work

Luke has just left his job as a financial researcher for Bloomberg.

Luke’s Rituals

Although living the life of a single, urbane, sexually active gay man, Luke faithfully attends Trinity Church, Copley Square, where he sings in the choir.

Luke frequents the Raven, a men’s only leather bar when he lives in Boston.

Luke’s History

Luke’s Early Life and Family

Luke in High School

LUKE was in the marching band all four years of high school. He played saxophone and hated it. He was happy to play oboe in concert band and with the orchestra. He tried out for every play and musical, was cast in the only black role in The Hasty Heart, but was assigned to pit orchestra thereafter. LUKE loved the power theatre gave him and–even though he never pursued it again until after college–he never forgot the rush of making an entire audience cry.

LUKE tried track and field his freshman year but wasn’t any good at it. LUKE was on the tennis team junior and senior year. He wasn’t any good at it, either, but at least he had more fun.

Luke in College

Significant events of LUKE’s college years are listed on the Narrative Chronology under Backstory and Story Events.

Luke Post College

Significant events of LUKE’s post-college years are listed on the Narrative Chronology under Backstory and Story Events.

Luke’s Preferences

These are the things Luke likes… and doesn’t like.

Luke’s Musical Preferences

Luke absolutely loves German lieder. He fell in love with it after college. In fact, he loves German Romanticism in general. Luke also loves Bach whom he fell in love with Freshman year when they were doing the Johannespassion in Chapel Choir with the Glee Club.

Luke’s Sexual Preferences

Luke likes masculine guys. Not hyper-masculine, but he loves broad shoulders, narrow waists, bubble butts and thick thighs. He likes hair long enough to become slightly unkempt but not too long. He prefers white guys, which bothers him a little, but he also finds guys of a variety of races and ethnicities attractive.

Luke’s Miscellany

Various facts about Luke I haven’t yet categorized.

Questions to Answer about Luke

What does Luke do for exercise?

Luke’s Secrets

I can’t think of any secrets Luke might have although there must be some.

Luke’s Unincorporated Notes

None yet recorded.

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