If Winter Comes: Literary Inspirations

If Winter Comes tells the story of LUKE, a young, gay, black man recently diagnosed with HIV in the 1990s who drives to Vermont to see for one last time his college lover, CHAD, now a committed, fundamentalist Christian with a wife and child.

These are authors and their works which have inspired the creation and development of If Winter Comes.

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Greer, Andrew Sean

  • Less. (2017). A comedic tale of a gay writer traveling the world on his fiftieth birthday to escape the marriage of a man he loved to somebody else. I liked the themes of maturing, aging and trying to figure out what one’s life is about.

Makkai, Rebecca

  • The Great Believers. A novel about how the gay community of Boys Town, Chicago, got swept up in the AIDS crisis and the fallout for later generations. I heartily recommend reading this book.

Montague, Alexandre

  • The Riddle of the Sphinx (2019).

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