New inspiration to write from

After a long period of not posting to my blog or, I was inspired to write again by stumbling across a website called 200 Words a Day. I actually would have preferred stumbling across a website called “50 Words a Day,” but I’ll take inspiration where I find it.

Faith seeking understanding #076: Coming face to face with yourself

Sometimes, all it takesIs rounding a cornerTo come face-to-face with yourself,Face to face with your future,Face to face with your potentials,Face to face with your truest self. And you realizeThat you’ve been there all alongWaiting for you to drop the maskAnd discover yourself anew.

Faith seeking understanding #075: A return, a recommittal, a new resolve

Folks who follow me may be surprised to see that I’m writing reflections again under the title of “Faith seeking understanding.” Although I swore off the series and thought I was bringing it to a close in #072: “Goodbye to “Faith seeking understanding”? I couldn’t envision an umbrella for another series that “felt” as rightContinue reading “Faith seeking understanding #075: A return, a recommittal, a new resolve”

Faith seeking understanding #074: Give me success… but not yet!

“Nothing succeeds like success.” This is what we are led to believe by Sir Arthur Helps, who wrote these words in his book Realmah, published in 1868. For a long time, I had been inclined to agree with this sentiment. Then a minor success happened to me, and it really shut me down.