At a glance, some of my truly blessed history as a beloved child of God. Click on the links to find out more about me and my past.

Family History. My family has firm, deep roots in South Jersey and South Carolina. Read about Jon Carl’s Family History.

The Millville Years (Millville, NJ, 1965-1983). I was born and raised in Millville, NJ, where I had a happy childhood in one of the most unlikely places. Read more about Carl LaMonde in Millville.

PrincetonUniversitySigilThe Princeton Years (Princeton, NJ, 1983-1990). I attended Princeton University as an undergrad and remained in town for the following three years, working and, finally, attending Princeton Theological Seminary. Read more about Carl LaMonde at Princeton University… and after.

HDS shieldThe Boston Years (Boston & Cambridge, MA, 1990-1993). I attended Harvard Divinity School before becoming a journalist and a writer for the gay press. Read more about Jon Carl in Boston.

The Washington Year (Washington, DC, 1993-1994). I lived in Washington, DC, for a little over a year, temping for the government, working for a not-for-profit, enjoying life, and doing lots of gay activism. Read more about Jon Carl in Washington.

The New Mexico Years (Albuquerque, NM, 1994-2005). My partner and I founded a statewide gay newspaper which soon went under. I spent the next ten years doing a variety of things, but especially building my relationship with Stephen A. Slusher. Read more about Jon Carl in New Mexico.

The Trenton Years (Trenton, NJ, 2005-2016). I returned to New Jersey with my husband and worked for a church before having an interesting life funded in part by the State of New Jersey. The story continues so far with my wedding to Stephen A. Slusher after 20+ years of loving companionship. Read more about Jon Carl in Trenton.

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