Carl LaMonde at Princeton

Blair Hall, Princeton University, ca. 1907. I lived there almost eighty years after this picture was taken. My dorm room was all the way over to the left on the second floor.

A brief outline of my time at Princeton University and living in Princeton after my graduation…

Although I loved my family dearly, I couldn’t have been more excited about leaving Millville and arriving at Princeton University which, to this day, feels like my spiritual home.

Although in my heart wanted to switch concentrations from Molecular Biology to music, languages, politics, religion or creative writing, I never got up the courage and ended up with an AB in Biology.

I was confirmed in the Episcopal Church during Eastertide 1990 at Trinity Episcopal Church in Princeton, where I sang in the choir.

After breaking my golden handcuffs, I attended Princeton Theological Seminary as a special student. I studied theology with Mark Lewis Taylor, New Testament with James H. Charlesworth, world religions through world literature with Charles Ryerson and a course in society and the church with Professor Fenn. I sang in the chapel choir under David A. Weadon, a delightful man who was one of the many who died too soon (of “respiratory failure”— read “AIDS”) in the 1990s.

At Princeton Theological Seminary, I was in heaven and in hell. I was the only openly gay man living on campus; another openly gay student was forced to live off campus the year before after having his boyfriend spend a platonic night (I’m told) in the dorms. Nevertheless, I applied for admission… and my application was lost… after it became known on campus that I was gay. (Although the seminary is way  more accepting now, I think I’m still getting over this.) I quickly applied to Harvard Divinity School and was accepted. So…

I left Princeton in the summer of 1990 to experience life at Harvard… and beyond.

More to come…