A brief outline of my personal history from my birth to leaving Millville, NJ…

I was born 26 September 1965 at 10:48 am in Millville, NJ, to Hattie (née Allen) and Carl Hugh Lewis. They named me Carl LaMonde Lewis in honor of my father, obviously, and my paternal grandfather, called LaMonde, who had been buried only days before my birth.

Born to a family of teachers,1 I learned to read early, and so I was glad, at the age of four, to start Kindergarten.

In October 1971, I was blessed with a baby brother, Duane.

For the eighth grade I attended Holly Heights School. For ninth and tenth grades I was at Millville Memorial Junior High School. I graduated from Millville Senior High School in 1983.

When I left Millville for Princeton it was clear that it was not only college, but my entire destiny which was calling.

Read about Carl LaMonde at Princeton University

1 My paternal grandmother, my mother and my Aunt Jeanne were all teachers.