Jon Carl in Washington, DC

A brief outline of my time in the Nation’s Capital…

In the summer of 1993 I left Boston precipitously for Washington, DC. I didn’t know anybody. I didn’t have a job. I only had an address of a place I might live. I figured there would be better job prospects there. I had considered Atlanta, but that seemed too far away (little did I know my cousins would be moving there and that I was going to go even farther from the East Coast than that!).

I quickly signed up for a temp agency (I think it was Kelly–they used to be Kelly Girls) and they assigned me to a long-term temporary assignment at the Corporation for National Service (the parent of AmeriCorps, which launched in 1994). I was there when AmeriCorps was born! I was working in the Communications department when our exultant boss came in waving the newly approved logo, which is still in use today.

At some point, I met a handsome, Italian-American man who was involved in politics and we quickly became boyfriends and partners in political activism.

My partner and I decided to move to the Southwest to fight for gay rights there and have a completely new experience for both of us.

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