If Winter Comes: Project Progress Notes

If Winter Comes tells the story of LUKE, a young, gay, black man recently diagnosed with HIV in the 1990s who drives to Vermont to see for one last time his college lover, CHAD, now a committed, fundamentalist Christian with a wife and child.

In reverse chronological order, this is a record of my work on If Winter Comes. More Project Notes.

2019.09.16 (Mon)

  • Updated the Backstory to include details about LUKE and CHAD’s clandestine relationship at Princeton.

2019.09.15 (Sun)

  • Gave myself a well-needed pep-talk about how it is completely okay that I tackle this story.
  • Updated the Backstory to include the deaths of MADDY’s parents and the birth of baby JOSHUA (whose name has to change).

2019.09.14 (Sat)

2019.09.13 (Fri)

  • Reworked the Backstory timeline; made Maddy two years younger so she doesn’t meet Chad until he’s out of law school.
  • Seriously questioned whether I really want Chad to be a practicing lawyer–or have him drop out of law school

2019.09.08 (Sun)

2019.09.07 (Sat)

  • Reconnected with Winter after a little more than a week off.
  • Expanded Backstory timeline, firming up dates for LUKE and CHAD and constructing a timeline and backstory for MADDY.
  • Expanded and fleshed out Locations page.
  • Expanded and fleshed out Characters page, especially with an emphasis on MADDY’s backstory.

2019.08.29 (Thu)

2019.08.26 (Mon)

  • Pondered the role of grief and grieving as part of the thematic landscape of If Winter Comes.

2019.08.25 (Sun)

  • Spent more time exploring musical influences on If Winter Comes.
  • Outlined scenes I have conceived so far in Scrivener.
  • Wrote 1104 words (continuing the scene where Luke arrives at the farmhouse) for a total of 2117 words.

2019.08.24 (Sat)

  • Created If Winter Comes: Literary & Musical Inspirations page.
  • Spent an inordinate amount of time exploring the intersection of themes and events in If Winter Comes with the lyrics of Goethe’s “An den Mond.”
  • Sketched out a the scene where Chad meets Maddy and a scene where Chad confesses what Luke’s presence is doing to him.

2019.08.22 (Thu)

  • Worked on character sketches for LUKE and CHAD.
  • Tweaked the timeline for the Backstory.

2019.08.21 (Wed)

2019.08.19 (Mon)

  • Trashed If Winter Comes: Narrative Chronology page and created separate pages for Backstory, Story Events and Afterstory.
  • Spent hours doing research on real world events and character backstory.
  • Fleshed out CHAD’s character description and backstory.
  • Sketched out a few early scenes in the narrative.
  • Toyed with idea of Jonathan Groff as a fantasy casting for CHAD.
  • Wrote 719 words (Luke arrives at the farmhouse) for a total of 1013 words.

2019.08.18 (Sun)

2019.08.17 (Sat)

2019.08.16 (Fri)

2019.08.15 (Thu)

  • Determined that Chad is a poet and Luke is a novelist.
  • Changed character name from CHAD to CHRISTOPHER.
  • Split off If Winter Comes: The Characters as a separate page.
  • Created character introduction page for CHAD.

2019.08.14 (Wed)

  • Added character blurbs for LUKE, CHAD, MADELINE, JAKE, and NEIGHBORs 1&2.
  • Added CHRONOLOGY with Backstory and Scene Sketches.


  • Wrote the first 294 words of prose, a scene where Madeline asks Chad about the nature of his friendship with Luke.

2019.08.08 (Thu)

  • Conceived of If Winter Comes as a novel loosely based on the play of the same name I wrote in college.
  • Described novel idea on http://www.joncarllewis.com.

1986 (Fall)-1987 (Spring)

  • Wrote stage play If Winter Comes at Princeton University for a playwrighting class with Corinne Jacker while I was supposed to be working on my thesis (I’m not entirely sure how my thesis got done).

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